Two months until new unitary councils go live

Work to create two new councils is reaching a peak with just two months until they take over the delivery of the majority of public services in Northamptonshire.

Since the 1970s Northamptonshire has existed under the so-called two-tier system, where-by the majority of services are delivered by two types of councils.

In the two-tier system a county council would deliver services like local highways services, adult’s social care and children’s social care, while district and borough councils deliver services like household waste and recycling collection, street cleaning, parks and open spaces, planning and housing services, to name but a few.

Following consultation, the Government decided to abolish the eight existing councils and replace them with just two.

These two councils will have all the responsibilities that the county council and districts hold, a single, or unitary council.

Over the past two years’ work has been going on to establish the new councils to go live on 1 April 2021.

Cllr Ian McCord, Leader for the west Shadow Authority, said: “There are significant savings to be made by having two administrations for the county instead of eight.

“Not only that it will make life easier for residents as they can go to one authority for all of their needs and won’t have to explain themselves several times over.”

Cllr Russell Roberts, Leader of the North Shadow Authority, said: “From the beginning of this April, North Northamptonshire Council will take over responsibility for many of the public services in the area. 

“The new Council will focus on continuing to provide services that make a real difference to the lives of people living locally.

“We believe that the changes being made will be positive and will provide a platform on which to improve public services in the future and enhance the quality of life of those who make this area their home.”

Major steps completed towards the creation of the new councils include: the appointment of senior leadership teams, draft budgets for both councils, and the creation of two new identities for the councils.

For more information, residents in the west should visit, while residents in the north can find out more at the Future Northants North website